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Lena Dunham says her physique ‘revolted’ in some unspecified time in the future of month-long struggle with COVID-19

Lena Dunham says her physique “revolted” as she battled COVID-19 in March.

The primitive “Girls” star opened up in a lengthy Instagram publish about her clear diagnosis, detailing the debilitating indicators she continued for 21 days.

“It started with achy joints, which I was unable to distinguish from my long-established diagnoses, so I did no longer freak out. However the trouble rapidly joined by an very perchance no longer, crushing fatigue. Then, a fever of 102,” Dunham wrote.


Lena Dunham speaks onstage during the 24th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in 2015. 

Lena Dunham speaks onstage in some unspecified time in the future of the 24th annual Ladies in Leisure Breakfast in 2015. 
(2015 Getty Photos)

She added: “All straight away my physique merely…revolted. The nerves in my feet burned and muscular tissues wouldn’t seem to assemble their job. My fingers were numb. I may perchance perchance no longer tolerate loud noises. I may perchance perchance no longer sleep however I may perchance perchance no longer wake up.”

The HBO actress also acknowledged she misplaced her sense of taste and scent, and used to be tormented by a “hacking cough.”

“Inability to breathe after straightforward projects tackle getting a pitcher of water” used to be one more facet-conclude, the 34-year-primitive actress acknowledged.


Dunham acknowledged she by no contrivance needed to be hospitalized and used to be as an alternative handled at dwelling by a health care provider. She tested detrimental after one month however aloof suffered indicators, including “swollen fingers” and an “unceasing migraine and fatigue.”

Medical doctors urged the actress that she used to be laid low with clinical adrenal insufficiency, that contrivance her pituitary gland “nearly fully ceased to design.”

Dunham has beforehand talked about how she suffers from arthritis and endometriosis.


The star acknowledged she considers herself “fortunate” and shared danger for others who may perchance perchance merely no longer accumulate a the same destiny. She acknowledged the functionality long-term properly being penalties of COVID-19 are main.

“This is no longer tackle passing the flu to your co-employee – ‘Sorry, Brenda! Lunch is on me subsequent time!’ This is the greatest deal in our country, and on the earth moral now. Whenever you happen to protect end the correct measures to offer protection to your self and your neighbors, you assign them a world of trouble.”

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