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And since arithmetic science and geometric science are connected, and reinforce one one more, the elephantine details of numbers can’t be supplied with out encountering some geometry, or with out seeing that running on this methodology on numbers is end to geometry; the come is elephantine of many proofs and demonstrations which would be made with geometric figures.

Fibonacci, preface to Liber Abaci

(first published 1202, 1228 manuscript translated by Lawrence E. Sigler)

The Spanish Treasure. A story of love and the love of gold, etc

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Episode 1 – Makélélé and Linear Algebra

Episode 2 – Methodology, Handwaving and Diagrams

Including and Copying

Episode 3 – Including (Segment 1) and Mr Fibonacci

Episode 4 – Dumbing Down and Magic Lego

Episode 5 – Spoilers, Including (Segment 2) and Zero

Episode 6 – Crema di Mascarpone and Diagrammatic Reasoning

Episode 7 – Copying, Discarding and The Slogan

Episode 8 – When Including met Copying…

Episode 9 – Natural numbers, diagrammatically

Matrices and PROPs

Episode 10 – Paths and Matrices

Episode 11 – From Diagrams to Matrices

Episode 12 – Monoidal Categories and PROPs (Segment 1)

Episode 13 – PROPs (Segment 2) and Variations

Episode 14 – Homomorphisms of PROPs

Episode 15 – Matrices, diagrammatically

Episode 16 – Have faith the Homomorphism, for it is Fully Faithful

Integers and Family

Episode 17 – Maths with Diagrams

Episode 18 – Introducing the Antipode

Episode 19 – Integer matrices

Episode 20 – Causality, Suggestions and Family

Episode 21 – Functions and Family, diagrammatically

Episode 22 – The Frobenius Equation

Episode 23 – Frobenius Snakes and Spiders

Fractions and Spaces

Episode 24 – Bringing it all collectively

Episode 25 – Fractions, diagrammatically

Episode 26 – Preserve Serene and Divide by Zero

Episode 27 – Linear Family

Episode 28 – Subspaces, diagrammatically

Episode 29 – Dividing by zero to invert matrices

Episode 30 – The essence of graphical linear algebra

Redundancy – A trilogy by Jason Erbele

Episode R1 – Redundancy and Zebra Snakes

Interlude – string diagrams and helpful resource-sensitive syntax

Why string diagrams?

Sequences and Signal Movement Graphs

Episode 31 – Fibonacci and sustainable rabbit farming

Out of command (for now)

Orthogonality and projections

Eigenstuff, diagrammatically


Determinants and the Lindström-Gessel-Vienot Lemma – by Solomon Maina


In most cases this blog genuinely appears love a blog.

16 September 2016 – Leicester and the fight for universities

16 April 2017 – …, a monoid is a class, a class is a monad, a monad is a monoid, …

 10 May possibly possibly 2017 – 1st Workshop on String Diagrams in Computation, Common sense, and Physics

3 October 2018 – ACT 2018 – Applied Category Thought Research College