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BBC Master on steroids

…or ELITE simply rulez!! 😀


A whereas ago, I wrote a post about BBC Micro restoration and upgrades. This time, I demonstrate you a BBC Master – Beebs greater brother 🙂

I’ve bought this BBC Master some time ago. It used to be sitting on a shelf for pretty a whereas nonetheless in the end, I’ve managed to open engaged on it. This time again, it used to be a custom describe for my friend Wendell (cheers mate:)

Enact I have to mention that it used to be sold as “For substances – non-working” ? :>

Neatly, as it grew to change into out, it wasn’t in a dramatic form nonetheless required refreshing and upgrades.

Right here is the contrivance it looked.

Case fixes had been easy. I simplest needed to repair a broken screw stud and repair some cracks with metal mesh and soldering iron.

Later, it used to be cleaned and retr0brighted. Straightforward stuff.

Vitality provide repair and hack

Earlier than powering it on, I needed to discover certain that that PSU is working successfully. PSUs in Beeb and Master convey caps that are liable to explode and are fee checking earlier than supplying strength to it. My unit confirmed that. I needed to replace these caps which used to be a uncomplicated job.

Wendell asked me to rob a eye at making this unit usable in the US and in the EU. This simply system that PSU has to be a piece more flexible and can restful accept 110VAC/60HZ (USA) and 230VAC/50Hz (EU)

I was very lucky because this BBC had a San Hua Tien PSU interior and it grew to change into out that it helps both working modes reckoning on a jumper surroundings.

I’ve simply added some wires and a swap. I simplest needed to discover hole in PSUs metal case and I was golden 🙂


On the moment, I’ve managed to exquisite up a keyboard.

PCB cleaning and speaker repair

Next, I’ve moved to PCB cleaning. As standard, I’ve dumped it into my ultrasonic cleaner to set away with these contaminated white crystalline constructions. I’ve also changed a broken speaker with the 8 Ohm speaker that I’ve stumbled on in regarded as one of my drawers 🙂

Batter mod

Lastly, I could well strength it on and test if the full lot works … NOT

With the lend a hand of fellows from a fabulous stardot.org.uk forum, I’ve managed to pinpoint a drawback. It grew to change into out that right here’s a normal area with BBC Master, and my unit used to be simply lacking a battery. Appears to be like love the previous owner removed it to prevent leakage and corrosion.

I’ve ordered a 3xAA battery case from Stamp of RetroClinic and it labored love a enchantment. It has a diode soldered in-line to prevent batteries from charging. The blueprint back is that batteries have to be changed on occasion nonetheless restful, right here’s a sort greater solution than the contemporary one.

RPI Zero as a co-legit

While trying for a contrivance to my previous battery drawback on stardot forums, I’ve stumbled across the the same mod as in BBC Micro post – Rpi Zero as a co-legit. This time it is a long way an interior mod and again, it is a long way made by Stamp of retroclinic.com.

He’d ship it to me alongside with a battery tray and one more cool equipment that I will discuss about later 😉

It is miles mounted straight onto a BBC Masters PCB.

Below, a short video by Stamp with a co-legit in drag.

Exterior GOTEK

The final add-on that I’ve got from Stamp used to be a GOTEK with an OLED, all obligatory equipment and a crammed USB flash force for it.

It is miles a extremely convenient solution for BBC Master and as anticipated, works love a enchantment 🙂

The cease

Right here it is a long way, a entirely restored BBC Master. I hope Wendell likes it 😉


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