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September Replace: Let it sink in… | PINE64

We had been lucky to welcome many novel contributors into our ranks throughout the last 30 days. This is in astronomical segment as a result of persisted interest within the Pinebook Legitimate and PineTab, which savor appropriate shipped, as well to the ongoing massive place a query to for the PinePhone. By my estimate, scheme December we are able to savor shipped more PinePhones than OpenMoko and the customary Ubuntu Contact smartphones … mixed. Let this sink in for a minute. 

I’d also hang to thank JF for over all over again providing this month’s PineTime community update.

There’s hundreds of stuff to earn to, so let’s earn to it!

This month’s TL;DR: 

  • Shipping is coming alongside rather effectively; shield tuned to shipping updates on the forum 
  • Novel Pine Retailer within the works; no longer most life like will it watch better however can even enhance more price alternate strategies 
  • We’re an Arm ecosystem partner now; Pinebook Legitimate laptops shall be give-aways at this 300 and sixty five days’s Arm Dev Summit
  • Pinebook Legitimate: production halted temporarily because of LCD panel shortages (confidently will resume in 2 months time) 
  • Pinebook Legitimate: strive the Fedora 32 community make with hundreds of multiple DEs
  • PineTabs are being delivered; certain initial reception
  • Mobian and Arch Linux builds are now also on the market for the PineTab
  • PineTime dev kits with InfiniTime ought to aloof be on the market in Pine Retailer September 20
  • PineTime Hypnos – a Zephyr based fully mostly firmware highlight
  • PinePhone Manjaro CE on the market for pre-list September 17
  • PinePhone tool vogue: 13 OSes, multi-boot, and the p-boot bootloader is awesome
  • PinePhone camera implementations on Ubuntu Contact; 30FPS viewfinder and Qt 5.12 updates
  • PinePhone Megapixels camera postmarketOS app; both essential and front cameras working, and taking better-resolution photos
  • PineCubes are ready for assembly; needs to be on the market within the store later this month 


The main subject on the housekeeping agenda concerns shipping. On the total speaking, this spherical of shipping is continuing fair necessary. Most DHL shipments savor already been dispatched and delivered, as savor strange shipments for most destinations bar Europe. For those of you looking ahead to your instrument to advise up, please guarantee that that to note the forum shipping thread; I’ll shield posting updates till the dispatch route of comes to an kill. In abstract, I ponder that the colossal majority of devices shall be shipped and delivered sooner than the month is up. If it is seemingly you’ll well well also savor any questions touching on shipping, guarantee that that to post your inquire within the aforementioned forum thread.  

2d subject I’d hang to touch on in this segment is the announcement that we’re actively engaged on a brand novel store. It may perchance well probably well well be a number of weeks yet sooner than it goes are living since we’re redoing everything, alongside side the store database, which manner alongside side all entries and accompanying descriptions manually. Aside from a facelift, the store can even characteristic alternative price solutions. At this point we’re contented to converse that Stripe shall be on the market when the novel store launches. Assorted products and services may perchance well well even be on the market at the time of commence or quickly thereafter. We’re also engaged on imposing crypto currency payments – however, for reasons I is no longer going to earn into, as we teach we’re experiencing points with imposing coin payments. Extra recordsdata touching on the store and on the market payments shall be made on the market sooner than the store’s commence sometime subsequent month. 

Novel Pine Retailer sneak seek

But another main half of recordsdata is that last month we turned into an Arm ecosystem partner. This is obviously expansive for us, and we are both honoured and overjoyed to be invited by Arm to take hang of segment in this program. Appropriate this past week extra recordsdata about PINE64 has been added on Arm’s net space, with annotations to the Pinebook and Pinebook Legitimate laptops, as well to a total dedicated sub-portion touching on our hardware alternate strategies, mission’s philosophy and the community. However this isn’t all. For the past month we’ve been working with Arm Gadget Developers representatives to invent Pinebook Legitimate laptops this 300 and sixty five days’s give-aways at the Arm Dev Summit 2020. Up-to 10 lucky developers being segment of the Arm Innovator Program will bring together a Pinebook Legitimate as recognition for their ongoing efforts on the Arm platform. Speaking of the Arm Dev Summit, I like to recommend you be half of the match and attend the Linux AArch64 Laptops BoF talk scheduled for October 6, 11: 00AM PDT. Lastly I want to present Robert Wolff from Arm a massive yowl-out for being so purposeful, accommodating and uncomplicated to work with – cheers!

Lastly, we’ve been making upgrades to the PINE64 cluster which now powers most of our infrastructure. The most contemporary upgrade to the cluster will, on the one hand, vastly invent bigger individual nodes’ steadiness (iSCSI implementation) while, on the hundreds of, enhance our potential to remotely shield a watch on and reboot individual ROCKPro64 nodes. This is a prime step forward as we hope to earn more products and services added to our infrastructure within the impending months. I’d hang to present Marek (gamiee) a massive yowl-out for the time that he place into getting the cluster setup at the datacenter – effectively done! 

Pinebook Legitimate

I’m insecure I savor some injurious recordsdata. Aid-to-college programs of astronomical pc pc manufacturers, alongside side the pandemic-precipitated production freeze earlier this 300 and sixty five days, resulted in LCD panel shortages. This in turn has now led us to discontinuance production of the Pinebook Legitimate for a month or two. We savor the pc pc chassis, all the parts and the PCBAs, however we kill no longer savor the LCD panels. To continue production as we teach, we would need to gain LCD panels from the commence market, and we’re no longer pondering about doing that. Let me advise. After we gain panels without delay from a vendor, then we bring together a high quality assurance that the batch we bought measures up towards normal LCD panel ranking. Quality assurance of this kind is no longer seemingly when shopping for from the commence market pretty than from the vendor without delay. No longer most life like would we be paying more for the panels, however we would even be taking a genuinely huge wretchedness that the LCDs shall be of a miserable or varying quality. 

We suspect that this also can hang a month or two for the LCD manufacturers to refill their inventory, at which point we’ll construct merely panels and Pinebook Legitimate production will resume. We for the time being hope to give pre-orders for no longer less than two batches sooner than the Chinese Novel 300 and sixty five days, which begins early February 2021. There’s aloof a expansive quantity of ANSI Pinebook Experts on the market within the Pine Retailer, which I believe will last till the tip of September; ISO units will, however, dwell unavailable for the following two months or so. I will guarantee that that to shield you up-to-date on how the LCD peril looks to be like within the upcoming community update. Had been the peril to alter all steady now – which is doubtlessly no longer however no longer no longer seemingly – then I’ll invent a separate short post on the subject. 

In hundreds of recordsdata, I’m aloof looking ahead to recordsdata from developers on whether they’ll successfully enable HDMI output on the Pinebook Legitimate’s dock. The HDMI output has been confirmed to work on the BSP kernel, so it is a ways appropriate a inquire of the mainline kernel supporting the dock’s hardware. It is a ways my realizing that for the time being, within the most modern Manjaro commence (which I highly recommend you strive or upgrade to), the DP alt mode is broken (to repair it – manually set up linux-pinebookpro thru pacman), that can well well extra late issues down. Regardless, we is no longer going to commence the dock till we know that it genuinely works effectively with the default tool. Merely place, we peril other folks emailing enhance or inquiring for RMA for what they’d check up on as dysfunctional hardware.   

Gadget wise, we shield having a watch forward to the commence of major OS 6, which turned into offered in last month’s update. If you esteem to pray to enhance the primary mission and earn your fingers on day-to-day builds of major OS for the Pinebook Legitimate, then savor in mind entering their early access plot. The OS has now been added to the Wiki and ought to aloof be made on the market once major OS 6 rolls out. In hundreds of tool recordsdata, I’d hang to discuss Fedora for the Pinebook Legitimate. It has now been 5 months since Fedora’s announcement of enhance for PINE64 devices, however an loyal Pinebook Legitimate make has no longer been made on the market up to now. Fortunately there may perchance be now an fantastic community make, which parts all core performance of the Pinebook Legitimate and uses (from what I will insist) fully about a patches to make this. You furthermore may perchance earn hundreds of desktop environments – alongside side XFCE, GNOME, KDE Plasma and Cinnamon, all of which performed genuinely effectively in my testing. So, If you is at wretchedness of be a Fedora fan, then I like to recommend you give this community a slump. 


Earlier this month PineTabs had been despatched and, in most instances, dropped at early adopters. Let me commence up by apologizing over all over again for the 2 week delay in handing over the PineTabs; shipping from Hong Kong stays a burdensome affiliation below the novel regulatory regime. The scheme is a steady jigsaw puzzle, where the variables of time, quantity and weight all ought to aloof be exactly synced for shipment. With that out of the manner, let’s talk in regards to the instrument itself. For starters, we’ll be monitoring hardware-connected solutions over the impending weeks so as that if any unexpected points are came upon we’ll savor the head-room to note alterations to the fabricate. Fortunately it seems that there are no main points – as these would savor for dash already been documented and brought to our consideration. As issues stand, all the points I’ve seen reported are without delay connected to the work-in-growth role of the on the market tool.

Speaking of PineTab tool, we’ve seen a quantity of vogue within the past two weeks. For starters, Mobian – undoubtedly one of many most well-most standard and fastest rising OSes on the PinePhone – offered enhance of the PineTab earlier this month. I’m told (seeing as I don’t savor a PineTab myself as we teach) that the working system works genuinely effectively in both stand-by myself tablet mode and when paired with the keyboard. Nightly Mobian releases are on the market for download and may perchance well well even be booted from either the onboard eMMC flash or a SD card. However there may perchance be more; we’ve also bought a sizable community make of Arch because of Danct12. For those of you who kill no longer know, Danct12 is a community developer who brought Arch to the PinePhone. The Arch image is – as you’d doubtlessly demand – very reducing edge, and involves necessary of the typical-of-life enhancements list within the PinePhone image. You may perchance well gain the most contemporary pre-commence of Arch for the PineTab by clicking this hyperlink.  

Mobian on the PineTab – image thru devrtz from Mobian Venture

Whereas we’re already nearly about tool, let me squeeze in a like a flash PSA and provide some advice pertaining to the Ubuntu Contact make with which the PineTab ships. As a quantity of it is seemingly you’ll well well also savor noticed, the make most life like reports ~15GB of free flash storage. The motive for that is that the vogue pills most life like characteristic 16GB of eMMC, versus the 64GB came upon on the production PineTab units. If you switch over to the Free up Candidate channel within the system menu, and note the update, you’ll savor the User Files partition resized to take hang of up all final unallocated disk home. Due to Dalton from UBports for getting for the time being-one fix out hasty!

Arch Linux on PineTab – image thru Danct12

Lastly, I for the time being kill no longer savor a date for when we’ll resume production of the PineTab. As I already wrote, we want to amass users’ solutions and wait till the novel LCD shortage passes (check up on Pinebook Legitimate portion for crucial capabilities). Since I know many will demand for an approximation – let me tentatively tell that the following pre-list spherical will commence up no earlier than in one month’s time. Within the duration in-between, I encourage you to envision in to this weblog and note us on our social media accounts to shield up-to-date on the PineTabs tool vogue.    


The PineTime dev kits had been out of inventory for rather a truly very lengthy time, and a quantity of it is seemingly you’ll well well also had been looking ahead to the novel batch for a truly very lengthy time. Right here is about a factual recordsdata: the wait is nearly over!

Final month, I explained that we had encountered some difficulties with the programming of InfiniTime on the PineTime at the factory. These points savor now been solved, and the factory despatched a sample to Lup and myself to envision them out within the image under.

And it seems that the tip result is nearly about excellent – the PineTime working InfiniTime works as expected, all the devices are working wisely and the upgrade to a brand novel version of the firmware turned into also successful!

The most life like venture encountered fervent the reminiscence protection, which turned into aloof enabled. This characteristic is enabled in production devices so as that folk can’t snoop into an nRF52 design and tamper with the ROM, however it is a ways de facto no longer connected within the context of commence source tool. So we desired to take hang of this likelihood to disable it at the factory, so as that future developers kill no longer want to gain expensive tools to disable it themselves.

A novel sample is en path to Lup’s. He ought to aloof bring together it undoubtedly one of in this day and age and confidently confirm that everything is now alright, and that the reminiscence protection has been eliminated.

If all goes effectively, PineTime dev kits needs to be in inventory on September 20 alongside with the novel pogo pins, a brand novel instrument that eases the connection to the SWD pads on the mainboard of the admire.

Novel pogo pin programming instrument

This month, I’d hang to showcase Hypnos, a Zephyr based fully mostly firmware for the PineTime by endian-albin. He made a quantity of growth these last few weeks and the key version of the firmware turned into released about a days within the past. The most attention-grabbing characteristic of Hypnos is that it supports the identical bootloader and OTA plan as that worn in InfiniTime. It manner that it is a ways now seemingly to exchange from InfiniTime to Hypnos and vice-versa the use of BLE. Within the lengthy shuffle, PineTime users shall be capable to take the firmware they want to use and even without considerations switch from one to yet another as without considerations as Pinephone users distro hop between many Linux distributions!

Hypnos working on the PineTime


Let’s earn the half of recordsdata all people looks looking ahead to out of the manner first: the Manjaro Neighborhood Model PinePhone shall be on the market for pre-list this Thursday, September 17. Within the match you didn’t utilize the announcement, right here’s a like a flash recap: the Manjaro community version will ship in a customised presentation box designed by Manjaro’s vogue team, and the PinePhone itself will characteristic a swish-having a watch Manjaro trace on the wait on-conceal (check up on renders for reference). The instrument can even ship with the most modern PCB revision (1.2a) and be on the market for pre-list in two hardware configurations: 

  • $149 normal version — that consists of 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC interior flash storage. 
  • $199 convergence equipment — equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB eMMC flash storage as well to a bundled USB-C dock. 

Our friends at Manjaro for the time being provide three hundreds of flavours of their cell OS for the PinePhone – with Lomiri, Phosh and Plasma Mobile. Whereas it stays to be seen which the Manjaro team will pick for, all photos are sizable and when you is at wretchedness of be a fan of the mission you doubtlessly will want to strive all three, regardless of which make finally ends up shipping with the instrument. For those of you who savor already bought a PinePhone, I strongly recommend giving all these builds a slump – click right here to head over to Manjaro’s PinePhone CDN. Now, onto hundreds of tool recordsdata. 

There’s for the time being so necessary ongoing tool vogue that I shall be unable to conceal all the crucial strides made within the past month. There’s merely too necessary stuff occurring across many initiatives on a nearly about day-to-day foundation. So, as a substitute, I will kind out the three issues I came upon the most attention-grabbing. To this kill, fingers-down the most life like of all contemporary trends is Ondrej (megi) Jirman’s multiboot image, which permits one as well multiple phone distros from one set up (eMMC flash or SD card). It parts a extraordinarily lickety-split, intuitive and surprisingly polished bootloader – known as the p-boot – that seems instantaneously after you energy on the PinePhone. All installed distros portion the most modern kernel (5.9), modem energy administration and most contemporary Crust firmware. Useless to claim, I genuinely feel that this a extraordinarily precious instrument, especially at this early vogue segment of bringing the tool up, as it permits users to strive a huge quantity of standard OS builds; moreover it exposes users to builds they’d in every other case seemingly omit, comparable to Lune OS or Maemo Leste. It for the time being most life like supports PinePhones with PCB revisions 1.2 and 1.2a, however megi has publicly stated that future iterations of the image can even enhance Braveheart (1.1) PinePhones soon. I strongly recommend you give it a slump. 

The second part I’d hang to raise to your consideration is the array of enhancements made to the camera. On this admire there are two OSes that truly stand out merely now – Ubuntu Contact and postmarketOS. Whereas many distributions savor already bought the camera enabled, the viewfinder abilities and image quality dwell suboptimal. This, however, is set to alter as a result of awesome work from the UBports vogue team, which demonstrated the viewfinder working at regular 30FPS and taking better-having a watch photos. Moreover, Ubuntu Contact – which already bought an incremental performance growth patch lately – shall be seeing a switch to QT 5.12 within the foreseeable future. This also can lead to a prime performance growth of the working system; that is one thing I will vouch for, since I purchased a likelihood to abilities Ubuntu Contact with QT 5.12  appropriate the hundreds of week. 

Going wait on to the ongoing camera enablement efforts – Martijn from postmarketOS has been engaged on a camera application that supports both the principle shooter as well to the forward-facing selfie camera. However there may perchance be more, no longer most life like does the front and first shooters work, the app permits the principle camera to take hang of better resolution photos (1080p) by default. You may perchance well well perhaps also also change the camera settings by modifying /and plenty others/megapixels.ini to your liking, which also involves altering the front camera’s environment, allowing it to shield 1600×1200 aloof photos. The application, which Martijn known as Megapixels, needs to be making an look on postmarketOS this day, and I believe that hundreds of distributions shall be porting it to their builds soon ample.  

Front and wait on camera on the PinePhone – photos thru postmarketOS

Lastly, I want to present a shoutout to Adam Pigg, who has been engaged on a port of SailfishOS for the PinePhone (Positive, I know, it’s no longer absolutely FOSS – place the pitchfork down and follow it reading). I savor lately given SailfishOS a strive to I have to tell that I’m very impressed with both how refined, purposeful and all-spherical polished the PinePhone make is. Opening capabilities, swiping between difficult panels, pulling up and down the applying and activity drawers all genuinely feel very refined. Same goes for browsing the receive (alongside side LTE) or staring at local video playback. It is easy to me that a quantity of labor has long past into this community port of SailfishOS, and I ponder more other folks ought to present it a real slump. The most contemporary make of SailfishOS may perchance well well even be without considerations flashed the use of a determined script to a SD card or Jumpdrive-mounted PinePhone. 


A astronomical stack of PineCube PCBAs is for the time being ready for assembly. All that’s for the time being missing is a shipping of the plastic frames, which shield the three PCB parts in their respective positions and gives the instrument its cube-esteem look. This last half of the puzzle needs to be arriving this week, which manner that PineCubes needs to be on the market within the store subsequent week! As is the case with a quantity of our devices – especially ones that want to make up a community spherical them – the PineCube will before everything be equipped with a disclosure that it is a ways precisely supposed for developers and followers, engaging to work on tool enablement for the instrument. To be taught more in regards to the PineCube and its parts I invite you to read last month’s update, where I went into crucial capabilities list the instrument’s specs and deliberate add-on peripherals. 

PineCube presentation box

I slump away you with a short film showing off the packaging box the PineCube will ship in. I belief you’ll abilities it.

That is it for this month!

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