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Astro’s $49.ninety 9 A03 is its first location of in-ear headphones made for gaming

Astro is debuting its first location of in-ear headphones, the A03. It’s an unexpected step for the company, which historically makes over-ear gaming headsets, enjoy the unique A20 Gen 2 and the mainstay A40. They’re $49.99, so while no longer potentially the most realistic wired possibility, it’s an realistic designate thinking about they provide punchy sound, and a soft match with three items of silicon guidelines included, every of which provide quality sound isolation. And whilst you presumably can like to need to declare them to be all ears to music, or cease on the phone, whilst you game with an over-ear headset, the A03 has a flat cable to take a seat very simply between your pores and skin and the ear cup.

The A03 plugs in by 3.5mm, so yet another perk is that it’s enjoy minded with every tranquil platform, enjoy the PC, PS4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, besides Android and iOS devices — assuming you’ve got gotten a dongle to convert from USB-C or Lightning to three.5mm. It’s also enjoy minded with the Xbox Assortment X and S controllers, besides the PS5’s DualSense controller. As for inline controls and microphone toughen, the A03’s budge is built for the CTIA customary. And while that plan the microphone will work with mobile and on the likes of the Switch and first-birthday celebration Xbox One and PS4 controllers, Astro says the inline buttons would possibly well no longer be functional.


Astro says every of the A03’s earbuds properties two drivers: one centered on the bass and lows, and yet another focusing on the mids and highs. The company says the twin driver setup in every bud “delivers an outstanding audio journey with a rich soundscape, revealing every detail of game environments and clearly keeping apart recount chat.”

Curiously, these survey very equivalent to Logitech’s $49.99 G333 in-ear headphones that are certified for declare with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The aluminum housing that comprises the drivers and the flat cable is a match. Here’s irregular, however it’s no longer a entire shock since Logitech owns Astro.

Via variations, the A03 has an in-line microphone, a mushy case for storage, and springs in two alternative colors; red buds with a white cable or red buds with a navy-colored cable. Since the A03 wasn’t made expressly for VR, it doesn’t near with the Velcro ties to shorten the cable, enjoy the G333 does, even when there’s no explanation why you wouldn’t be ready to declare these.

It’s far great to provide something more compact enjoy this to avid gamers, who on the overall need to jog away their sizable headsets at home when it’s time to hit the road. Whereas you’re shopping for a novel location of in-ear headphones that were made for making your games sound unbiased, these would possibly well also very nicely be worth thinking about.

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