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A puny little bit of little bit of historical previous

This font is derived from the x3270 font, which, in flip, turn into
translated from the one in Georgia Tech’s 3270instrument, which turn into itself
hand-copied from a 3270 sequence terminal. I constructed it because I felt
terminals have to be rather. The .sfd font file includes a x3270
bitmap font that turn into aged for steering.

Using with the cool-old-tern (now cool-retro-term) terminal program

Getting it

If you’re running Debian or Ubuntu and also you form no longer have to debris with
building your font files, which that you can simply honest-salvage install fonts-3270
(Or no longer it is readily accessible from the Debian
(https://programs.debian.org/sid/fonts/fonts-3270) and Ubuntu
(http://programs.ubuntu.com/focal/fonts-3270) bundle repos at
https://programs.debian.org/sid/fonts/fonts-3270 and
https://programs.ubuntu.com/focal/fonts/fonts-3270, though the
packaged version could well no longer be the latest version, but it undoubtedly’s correct ample for
most applications.

On FreeBSD the font could also be installed with pkg install 3270font.

For americans that form no longer own the plush of a correct blueprint-managed bundle,
Adobe Form 1, TTF, OTF and WOFF variations are readily accessible for download on
https://3270font.s3.amazonaws.com/3270_fonts_fba25eb.zip (though this
URL could well no longer at all times replicate the latest version).

ASCII is so 60's

The format

The “offer” file is edited the use of FontForge. That you just need to need it for those that desire to own
to generate fonts in your platform. On most civilized running
systems, which that you can simply honest-salvage install fontforge, yum install fontforge and even port install fontforge. On others, you are going to have to
buy your reproduction from https://fontforge.org/. I aid you to drop by
and read the tutorials.

Using it on OSX (don't forget to turn antialiasing on)

If you’re running Windows, you are going to likely need one thing adore WSL or
Cygwin, but, within the tip, the font works accurately (with some very minor
hinting components).

Works on Windows

Producing usable font files

The most effective advance to generate the font files your computer can use is to
flee intention all (for those that’re running Ubuntu or Debian, intention install will
install them too). The use of intention aid will offer a handy record of choices.

The script generate_derived.pe calls FontForge and generates
PostScript, OTF, TTF and WOFF variations of the unpleasant font, as neatly as a
a puny more condensed .sfd file with the unpleasant font narrowed to 488
fashions, with no glyph rescaling (or cropping – we have to at all times repair that) and
its corresponding PostScript, TTF, OTF and WOFF variations.

For your favorite editor


I anguish GitHub’s pull-quiz mechanism could well no longer be very
FontForge-friendly. If you will need have to make contributions (there are loads of
lacking glyphs, equivalent to most non-latin alphabets which in all likelihood were
never constructed into 3270 terminals), the staunch workflow would perchance be to
add the encoding slots (if mandatory), add/intention the adjustments, opt the
unchanged glyphs and reserve it as a diversified file. If, in doubt, salvage in
contact and we are able to determine easy how to attain it graceful.

In grunt to generate the sample picture and the grids for FontForge,
you are going to desire a Python 3 atmosphere with PIL or pillow installed. The
requirements.txt file lists the entirety you own to attain it.



Gnome Terminal



Known concerns

No longer all symbols within the 3270 charset own Unicode counterparts. When
doable, they’re duplicated within the Unicode home. The 3270-simplest
symbols are at the tip of the font, collectively with some glyphs indispensable for
building others.

Please consult with http://x3270.bgp.nu/Charset.html for a entire design.

Future enhancements

A grid generator is equipped for producing loads of grid sizes for the
font. Those grids are no longer aged but, but they’re supposed to be aged to
align font aspects to present higher rendering at customary font dimension
picks. The captures beneath exemplify these picks:

x3270 with 32 pixel font (used as bitmap template for the font)

x3270 with 20 pixel font

Gnome Terminal on Ubuntu 17.10

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